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Testimonials for Kendra Gurgul, Aesthetician


Email from 23 year old man who is having deep pore cleansings and chemical peels –

“After visiting many other estheticians in the area, I chose Kendra. You can feel the the love and passion that she has for the work that she does, which drives her to deliver a high quality work every session. She is passionate and knowledgeable about what it is truly necessary for your skin. Price is reasonable. 5 stars!” *


Message from a 50 year old woman who had a chemical peel  –

“My skin looks great. Kendra had a nice soft touch. Thanks again!!” *


Message from Shannon W., age 45 years old –

“I received several facials and services from Kendra.  She is very knowledgeable and has a good touch when performing a procedure.  I would recommend her to anyone in the area to see her for their skin needs.” *


From Laurie, age 55 –

“Kendra’s facials have it all. She has a good touch, gets results, and is knowledgeable about the skin and skin care products. I highly recommend her!” *


Card from 31 year old woman who had deep pore cleansing and chemical peels –




Email message from Christina, age 26, with acne and acne scarring –

“Thanks again for the consultation. You were amazing. You didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, since it is an uncomfortable subject for some people. I’m very excited to try your recommendations. And I’ll be sending my sister your way as well!” *