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3 Things You May Not Know About Sunscreen

Sunscreens Milwaukee, WIOne of the things that most people don’t know about their skincare is that they should be wearing sunscreen every day of the year— rain, shine, or even snow. As your skin’s natural defense against the sun’s harsh, cancer-causing rays, sunscreen is a literal skin saver. But, before you go and pick up just about any sunscreen at your local drugstore, here are three things that may sway your sunscreen decision-making process.

  1. It Expires

Many people leave their sunscreen in their beach bag all winter long and then take it out to use again the next summer— repeating year after year. But did you know that just like food, sunscreen has a shelf life? Luckily it’s a long one. The average bottle of sunscreen is supposed to have a shelf life of up to three years— which allows you to use it beach trip after beach trip— just don’t let it pass that three-year mark.

  1. Buy An SPF of 15 or More

When you’re looking to buy sunscreen, make sure that you buy one with at least an SPF of 15 or higher which will give you more protection. An SPF works by multiplying the time you’ll burn by that amount. For instance, if you take 30 minutes to burn without sunscreen, an SPF 15 multiplies that half an hour by 15. However, if you are spending a lot of time in the direct sunlight or out at the beach, make sure that you apply your sunscreen every two to three hours.

  1. There’s No Such Thing as Sweat Proof

When it comes to sunscreen, there’s no such thing as sunscreen that’s sweat or waterproof. There is, however, such a thing as water-resistant and sweat-resistant sunscreen. If you are planning on spending time in the pool, water, or working up a sweat, make sure to buy one of these.

It may seem like sunscreen is a one size fits all kind of deal, but each sunscreen is very different. Are you ready to learn more about how you can take better care of your skin? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Dembny at our office today: (414) 443-0033.

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