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What Are We Wearing?


Tracy is our office manager.
What she’s doing for her skin right now: I regularly receive BOTOX® injections for my frown lines and crow’s feet. I also use Juvederm® to enhance my lips. I am getting a series of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments to help correct the sun damaged skin on my chest.


The procedures she does regularly: To keep my skin smooth and refreshed I have superficial chemical peels, and clinical facials every few months.

What she wishes she had done earlier: Avoided significant sun exposure, and taken Accutane® to reduce breakouts and avoid acne scarring (cystic acne).

Her most ‘aging’ mistake: Tanning!!! Tanning beds, tanning with baby oil, golfing with no sunscreen…I don’t make those mistakes now.

What she might consider in the future: Possibly another series of Fraxel® laser treatments to even out my skin tone and texture, and correct sun damage. The first series improved my acne scarring tremendously. As my 53rd birthday is approaching I’m noticing a bit more sagging in my jawline so maybe a lower facelift.

The skin care products she swears by:
LaRoche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cream cleanser deep cleans my face—it feels squeaky clean!
NEOCUTIS Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream with PSP helps eliminate fine lines and reduces puffy under eye circles.
CPSS 10% Cell Rejuvenation Serum with Growth Factor TGF-beta-1 works with my sunscreen and gives my face a smooth matte look.
Our private label Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum with Green Tea and Caffeine is the most non-irritating retinol (vitamin A) product I have used…and I’ve tried them all! I use my retinol eavery other night, alternating with NEOCUTIS BioGel with PSP.
NEOCUTIS BioGel, a bio-restorative hydrogel, is a great anti-aging moisturizer for oily skin like mine.

Why her skin looks so good: I’m not confident that my skin looks all that great. I consider it a work in progress, but it looks a lot better than it used to. Good skin care really does work!

The one thing she wishes our patients would realize: Sun damaged skin is so common in women and men today – the result of inadequate protection earlier in life – and we see many patients with skin cancer. Wear sunscreen daily and tell your kids, friends, and everyone you care about that tanning is not good! What you think looks good now won’t look so good later.

The skin care products at CPSS are medical grade. You can’t purchase the same at a department store, drug store, or salon. Make an appointment today for a free consultation and we will come up with a skin care plan to help correct what you don’t like. Before you know it you’ll be the ideal you!

Please check back periodically to find out what the rest of CPSS is wearing.