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Skin Care Products – Milwaukee & Mequon, WI

At Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Specialists, our medical skin care clinic offers treatments for all skin types and a variety of skin disorders, often combined with medical prescriptions and recommendations for the use of corrective products at home. Skin care administered under the supervision of your plastic surgeon utilizes specialized treatments, and products with higher concentrations of essential active ingredients. It is therefore much more effective in correcting skin damage and promoting and maintaining healthy skin. Each patient receives a personalized skin evaluation performed by an experienced aesthetician. We design a skin care program to specifically meet individual needs and continue to offer recommendations as these needs change.

Skin reconditioning is the important first step before aesthetic surgical rejuvenation procedures or resurfacing, and should be performed 6-12 weeks prior to surgery depending upon your individual needs. The goal of reconditioning is to create a healthy even skin surface, stimulated dermis, and suppressed/stabilized pigment production following treatment. Used as part of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation program, the products and treatments we provide offer considerable benefits and improve surgical results for many patients.

If you are considering surgery or other resurfacing we recommend you schedule a pre-operative skin evaluation with our aesthetician to discuss how skin care will help you maximize and maintain your treatment results.


Skin Care Products