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Sunscreen Alert: 3 Different Sunscreens to Consider

Skin Care Products Milwaukee, WIThe best thing that you can do for your skin this summer wears sunscreen. However, with dozens of options for you to choose from on the grocery store shelf or even online, it can seem impossible even to know where to start. Here at Dr. Kenneth Dembny’s office, we have a few favorite sunscreens and products that we encourage our patients to try. Read on to learn more.

LUCA Sunscreen

Here at Dr. Kenneth Dembny’s office, we recommend that our patients try a sunscreen product like LUCA. With a guaranteed CW greater than 370 nm, you can rest assured that you are getting the most out of your sunscreen. Additionally, because LUCA sunscreens act as a two-in-one daily moisturizer and full body sunscreen, you know that your skin is not only getting the protection it needs but that it’s moisturizing your skin as well. Plus, if you have sensitive skin or skin that is more prone to breakouts, you can rest assured that LUCA is right for you. Not only is LUCA oil free but it’s non-allergenic so that it won’t clog your pores.

LUCA Chapstick

One of the most neglected parts of the face when it comes to sunscreen and protection are the lips. However, because the skin on your lips is just as sensitive, they can burn quickly and leave you in a whole lot of discomfort. Another LUCA skincare product that we recommend is the LUCA chapstick. With an SPF 30 and moisturizing capabilities, the LUCA chapstick will leave your lips protected and rejuvenated all summer long.

SunSmart Maximum SPF 30

If you are big into water sports or are planning on working up some sweat this summer, then consider the SunSmart Maximum SPF 30 sunscreen. With broad spectrum coverage and ingredients like homosalate, zinc oxide, and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, you can rest assured that your skin is getting protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, because it’s waterproof, you know you have an extra layer of protection.


To learn more about these products or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Kenneth Dembny today and schedule an appointment with our staff!

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