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Smooth and Even Out Your Skin: The Art of Retinol

RetinolWhen it comes to getting rid of wrinkles and acne, there are a variety of treatments that Dr. Kenneth Dembny offers. If, however, you are looking for a non-invasive way to smoothen and even out your complexion, you may want to consider using a topical cream like Retinol. Found in over-the-counter face creams and serums, when used in a prescription strength, Retinol can help you get even faster results. Read on to learn more.

What is Retinol?

As a form of Vitamin A, retinol works to encourage the production of new, healthier skin cells. By breaking down the collagen in the skin, retinoids stimulate smoother skin. Additionally, for patients who suffer from pigmentation issues, retinol works to slough off dark spots and scars, giving you a more even looking skin tone.

How is it Used?

As previously mentioned, you can find retinol in over-the-counter face creams and serums, but the dosage won’t be very high. However, with a prescription retinol cream from Dr. Dembny, you can get faster and more proactive results. Typically available in a topical cream, patients are recommended to apply it to a clean face both morning and night.

What are the side effects?

Because prescription retinol creams have a higher dose of retinoids, they will make your skin more sensitive. Specifically, for the first few weeks after using retinol, most patients experience red, dry skin that will subside after about a month depending on your skin type. Additionally, patients are encouraged to refrain from any sun exposure because they will be more susceptible to sunburns.

If you have fine lines and wrinkles, scars, or uneven pigmentation in your skin then you may want to consider getting a prescription for retinol from Dr. Kenneth Dembny. To learn more about whether you are a good candidate or not, contact our office today to schedule an appointment!




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