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Having a Hard Time With Your Complexion? How Laser Can Reduce Your Large Pores

Laser Genesis Milwaukee, WIThank yours, your moms, your neighbors, and even your neighbors’ neighbors lucky stars that foundation and concealer were invented— otherwise people may as well have to walk around with a bag on their head to cover up blemishes.

Even though everyone’s stars are thankful for the invention of makeup, sometimes large, oversized pores can still peek through your makeup and make your complexion look a little uneven. Large pores are caused by a variety of things such as age, sun exposure, and skin damage. Typically, when the skin thickens around the pores, it makes them look bigger and more noticeable. So, how exactly can you get rid of oversized pores— or is that even a possibility?

There are a variety of methods that can be used to help shrink and diminish the appearance of large pores. However, there is one method in particular that Dr. Kenneth Dembny likes to use on certain patients: The Laser Genesis.

The Laser Genesis is primarily popular amongst our patients because it causes minimal— if any— bruising or excessive skin irritation. By employing low energy, high-frequency technology, the Laser Genesis delivers gradual heating into the skin so that patients stay comfortable. In fact, most patients describe The Laser Genesis as being almost spa-like and relaxing.

The heated technology in conjunction with the short pulsating motions, help to heat up the skin and reduce your pores’ size in the process— making makeup application a lot easier. On average, Dr. Kenneth Dembny likes patients to get about six treatments for them to see optimal results. However, during your initial consultation, you and Dr. Dembny will create a customized plan that’s geared toward your skin’s specific needs.

Make your everyday routine easier and make your makeup adhere smoother by shrinking your pores with The Laser Genesis. Schedule your laser consultation at one of our offices today!

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