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Feeling Self-Conscious About Your Ears?

OtoplastyThe world changed for Dumbo when he discovered that he could fly…using his huge and wonderful ears! That story had a wonderful, happy ending.

Even though they are a cosmetic issue, congenitally prominent ears can have severe emotional and behavioral effects on a child or an adult.

At Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Specialists, we understand the self-esteem issues surrounding prominent or large ears and want to help you have a happy ending!

Prominent ears can take many forms, including shell ear, bat ear, cup ear and lop ear.

Patients who suffer from prominent ears use longer hairstyles to camouflage their ears and keep them hidden.

Otoplasty is the surgical procedure designed to give the outer ear (auricle) a more natural and anatomic appearance. It serves to set prominent ears closer to the head and reduces the size of large ears. Ear prominence can result from the ear being rolled outward from the head, from the ear cartilage not being folded properly or completely, or from a combination of both. Otoplasty can be done at any age after the ears have reached their full size, usually after the age of six (or seven), and throughout adulthood. Otoplasty can be performed on one or both ears depending upon the shape and prominence.

Otoplasty does not change the location of your ears or alter your ability to hear. 

  • The surgical techniques used will vary based on the type of correction needed. Our doctors will chose the technique and determine the location of the incisions. 
  • The incisions may be within the inner creases of your ears or on the backs of your ears. 
  • After making the incisions, the ear is rolled or folded into the  proper position and secured with permanent stitches. Excess cartilage or skin may be removed as well.
  • The procedure lasts two to three hours and may be performed in a hospital or as outpatient surgery under general or local anesthesia.

Following surgery, your ears will be covered in bandages for protection and support. When your bandages are removed, you will notice immediate, permanent changes in the appearance of your ears. Ear surgery is not painless, but post-operative discomfort is managed with pain medication and a compression band over the ears. To keep pressure off your ears, avoid sleeping on your side.  After the initial surgical dressing is removed, wearing a light compressive head band over the ears will help reduce swelling, relieve discomfort, and help to reshape the ears. After your healing is complete you will have more freedom with hair styles, and you will now finally feel comfortable wearing your hair short or combed back.

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