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What Is Dermaplaning?

DermaplaningHaving facial skin with a smooth, youthful look is desirable – no matter your age. Dermaplaning offers an alternative for patients who have fine, excess facial hair and are not seeing the results they desire with other treatments. Dermaplaning non-invasively removes the dead skin cells on your skin’s outer layer using a small surgical blade, leaving it smooth and hair-free.

The procedure has been around for decades. It has many benefits and few side-effects. The most obvious obstacle is getting over any fear you may have that the more you shave the thicker your hair grows back. Dermaplaning is designed primarily to remove vellous hair, commonly referred to as “peach fuzz.” You can’t do anything to change velour hairs. They are fine and soft and shaving won’t make them thick and coarse. The appearance of vellous hair is more pronounced in some people; dermaplaning can temporarily remove it.

The treatment is quick and painless; it does not cause any trauma to your skin. Dermaplaning is performed just like shaving, and may be combined with a chemical peel. There is very little downtime, however your skin may be slightly puffy and red following treatment.

Dermaplaning is a great exfoliator. It can be performed at three to four week intervals and can remove several weeks of dead skin cell buildup. Dermaplaning must be performed by a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and is relatively safe on most skin types.

If you have very sensitive skin you may not be a good candidate for dermaplaning. Additionally, dermaplaning is not designed for people with acne or those who experience frequent breakouts because it can trigger over-activity of the sebaceous glands.

Your skin may peel naturally after the procedure, especially if you are undergoing the treatment every two to three weeks. You will need to use a super-rich moisturizer day and night to ensure that your skin does not get too dry.

To learn more about the various skin rejuvenation treatments we offer or to determine if you would be a good candidate for a dermaplaning procedure, call to schedule a consultation appointment, today: (414) 443-0033.

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