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Facelift Surgery: the Question of Age

faceliftAge carries some pretty noticeable consequences, and history has demonstrated that we don’t like them. For centuries, humans have done all they could think of to restore the appearance of youth to the face. If you browse through most magazines, or have ever taken in an episode of the Real

Housewives, you know one thing: aging may be inevitable, but the appearance of age is not. We have choices. If we don’t like those frown lines, we can erase them. If the brow has fallen, we can lift it. The question isn’t necessary how you will restore the appearance of youth; it’s when. Whether you are in your 40’s or in your 70’s, one of your biggest questions about anti-aging treatment such as the facelift has to do with your age.

Many patients who are considering a facelift wonder if they are too young – or too old – to have this procedure. According to one study out of the Cleveland Clinic, older patients may not have nearly as much to worry about as they imagined. Patients over the age of 65 who were in good health faired just as well during and after facelift surgery than study participants in younger age-groups.

What Time is the Right Time?
This is a more appropriate question than one that involves age. We all develop differently, and each person also has his or her own idea of how they want to go through their aging process. Certain lines and wrinkles may not bother one person, but they may bother you. Also, the degree of wrinkling and laxity comes into question. Factors that are more relevant to consider are the expectations a patient has, and their general health. Another topic of discussion may also be whether non-surgical alternatives have already been performed, and if they are still working.

If there are visions of improved facial aesthetics floating through your mind, there is no time like the present to explore the validity of anti-aging treatments with your trusted physician. The team at Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Specialists offers a wide range of treatment options to patients from Milwaukee, Mequon, and surrounding areas.

To consult with us about facelift surgery or other anti-aging treatments, call (414) 443-0033.

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