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Can you Fly your Way to Better Breasts?

breast lift surgeryThe shape and size of a woman’s breasts are only two aspects of their overall appearance. There is also the important matter of positioning. If you are a woman who is struggling with sagging breast tissue, you know what we mean. Many women are looking for ways to improve this condition. As a result, we have a bit of misinformation that is widely circulated. Women are being told by numerous outlets that exercises like fly’s and bench presses is all that is needed to resolve the issue of saggy breasts. Could it be true?

What is the Real Reason for Sagging Breasts?
Breasts have no muscle of their own. They are all fat – and glandular tissue. This is what makes them so lovely and curvaceous. It is also the reason why they will eventually droop downward. Fat cells expand if a woman gains weight, and this includes the fat cells in her breasts. Also, during pregnancy and after childbirth, glandular tissue in the breasts becomes active, expanding in preparation for milk production. It is not only weight and pregnancy that affect the size and fullness of a woman’s breasts – every little fluctuation in hormones does, too.

You know that old saying “what goes up must come down.?” Well, breast tissue could fall under that phrase. If breasts expand, there is a high likelihood of deflation at a later time. This could be after nursing is a thing of the past, or after excess weight has been shed. When breasts deflate, volume falls to the bottom. The upper pole slopes. Also, stretched skin and degraded ligaments eventually lose their ability to support breasts against the pull of gravity. And you’re left with it. Sagging.

Exercises that focus on the chest work the pectoral muscles. These lie below breast tissue and have no supportive role. They also have no bearing on the overall condition of the skin that covers the breasts, so tightening muscles is not the same as tightening up skin.

Making Positive Change
Exercise can make a positive change in your appearance and in your sense of wellness. However, it is not likely to resolve the issue of breast sagging. To do this requires the repositioning of tissue on the chest wall. Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is the optimal way to achieve a higher, more pert profile.

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