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Fat reduction without surgery. What a breakthrough for those who just can’t seem to rid themselves of their love handles, muffin tops or that extra little bit of tummy fat.  You exercise, you eat right, but you just can’t seem to lose the little bulges that plague you… Liposonix may be the answer, and we’re one of the few cosmetic and plastic surgery centers to offer it.  Read on…

Reduce Fat Without Surgery

Have you noticed that extra love handle or muffin top peeking out over the top of your pants? With your busy schedule, it can be difficult to find time to keep up your fitness routine. For many individuals, no matter how much you diet or exercise there are still stubborn areas of fat (familial fat deposits) that just don’t disappear. When you can’t seem to get rid of that last little bit of fat, the Liposonix® treatment can help.


What is Liposonix®?

Liposonix® is a new treatment for removing stubborn fat pockets that don’t respond to diet and exercise. The Liposonix® treatment is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that is FDA-approved to permanently remove targeted fat in the abdomen and flank (love handles). The clinical trial showed an average reduction in waistline circumference of 1.5 -2 inches. The treatment is completed in just one office visit, and lasts about one hour. With little to no downtime or aftercare, you can resume your active lifestyle right away. Liposonix® is fat reduction that fits your busy lifestyle.

The Liposonix® treatment uses advanced ultrasound technology to permanently destroy unwanted abdominal fat. Some people may be candidates for the Liposonix® treatment of other body areas, including the arms, thighs, and back.

The Liposonix® treatment:

  • Targets the stubborn fat around your waistline.
  • Provides noticeable results after just one treatment.
  • Is customizable to address your specific “problem” areas.
  • Is non-surgical with little to no downtime.
  • Is backed by over a decade of research and testing.
  • Is a safe an effective means of non-invasive body sculpting.

Liposonix treatment diagram

The Liposonix® treatment

The Liposonix® treatment uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to destroy fatty tissue.

The Liposonix® transducer is placed over the targeted area of fat. The device emits a focused beam of high-intensity ultrasonic energy to the desired region of fat beneath the skin. The focused ultrasound energy destroys the fat cells 1.3cm (1.1cm -1.5cm range) below the skin surface, but does not affect the overlying skin.

There are two mechanisms by which the fatty tissue is ablated. If the fat cell is at the focal point of the beam, the tissue temperature rises above 56ºC; the result is coagulative necrosis and almost immediate cell death. However, in immediately adjacent areas that are subjected to a less extreme situation, lysis and rupturing of the cell occurs from mechanical disruption; the cellular contents and free fatty acids leak from the damaged fat cells. In both of these cases the fat cells are disrupted, destroyed, and ultimately die, while the surrounding tissue remains mostly unaffected.

During the subsequent 8-12 weeks the body’s natural processes remove the destroyed fat. The dead cells induce a wound healing response; inflammatory cells are attracted to the area, followed by fibroblast induction.  Macrophages engulf and transport lipids and cellular debris away from the treatment area. Most of the destroyed fat cells are resorbed within 12 weeks after treatment, and 95% are resorbed after 18 weeks. The result is an overall reduction in local fat volume. The production of new collagen by fibroblasts, results in the tightening of septal fibers and skin.

You can have confidence in the science behind the Liposonix® system. The treatment has been extensively studied, with more than 10 years of research and testing behind its development.

Liposonix Mechanism of Action diagram

Results – 1 treatment, 1 hour, 1 size smaller

Following treatment of the abdomen and/or flank, the result is a thinner, more contoured waistline. On average, following a one hour treatment, Liposonix® patients lose one inch off their waistline. In terms of clothing, that’s typically one pants or dress size.

Who is a candidate for Liposonix®?

The best candidates for Liposonix® are those looking for a modest reduction in fat, rather than those who may need more significant changes that would be better addressed through liposuction.

The ideal candidate for a Liposonix® procedure are those who:

  • Are not obese (BMI<30); but more specifically, are close to their ideal body weight.
  • Are seeking removal of small amounts of fat.
  • Are seeking to remove stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise.
  • Are in good health and are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Can pinch at least one inch of fat in the treatment area(s).
  • Have realistic expectations about the results.

Although Liposonix® is approved for the selective removal of fat from problem areas in the abdomen and love handles, some people may be candidates for Liposonix® treatment of other body areas. For those individuals who are farther from their ideal body weight, or have a thicker more generalized fatty layer, liposuction may offer a better treatment option. Liposonix® is not a weight-loss treatment and should not be thought of as an alternative to daily exercise and a balanced diet.

What are the side effects of Liposonix® treatment?

The most frequently reported side effects during a Liposonix® treatment are discomfort, cold, prickling, tingling, or warmth. Pain medication may be taken 30-60 minutes prior to the procedure. Patients may experience mild redness, swelling and/or bruising after a Liposonix® treatment. Redness usually resolves after a few hours. The swelling from Liposonix® usually resolves in a few days. We recommend patients wear a compression garment or Spanx for the first several days after the procedure; this will reduce swelling and improve comfort. Bruising from Liposonix® may take up to 2 weeks to resolve. Arnica montana supplements taken for several days before and after the Liposonix® treatment may help reduce the bruising and swelling. Treatment is contra indicated for patients who are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.

How does Liposonix® differ from other non-surgical treatments?

For decades, many techniques and technologies have been utilized in an attempt to remove unwanted fat—belts to shake it off, rollers to knead it off, injections to dissolve it off, and exercise to work it off; most with very limited results. Since its introduction in the late 1970s, liposuction has really been the only effective way to selectively remove fat from a (problem) area. More recently, multiple attempts have been made to remove fat non-surgically, with limited success.

Lipodissolve (mesotherapy) is marketed as a replacement for minor surgical liposuction procedures. Lipodissolve involves the injection of special chemicals into localized fat deposits to induce fat cell lysis; this procedure requires multiple treatment sessions. However, the chemicals used in this procedure are not approved by the FDA for fat destruction or lipodissolve procedures. There are no well-controlled studies to show the efficacy, safety, or reproducibility of the results.

Zerona® uses a class II low-level 635nm diode laser light source that is FDA-cleared for non-invasive body contouring of the waist, hips, and thighs. The light is shined on the area(s) of the body being treated; multiple treatment sessions are required.  Studies have suggested that this laser wavelength partially disrupts the fat cell membrane, allowing the lipid and fatty contents of the fat cell to leak out, and thereby promotes fat cell collapse. The clinical studies showed impressive results at two weeks, but longer term patient follow-up is absent. In addition, it seems to work best when used with diet supplements and exercise.  Unlike an ultrasound wave, laser energy cannot be focused to specific layers below the skin. Patient satisfaction with Zerona® is only about 30-40%.

Zeltiq® (Coolsculpting™) is a medical device that relies on controlled cooling for non-invasive reduction of local fat deposits.  This process, called cryolipolysis, is based upon the premise that fat cells are more easily damaged by exposure to cold temperatures than skin cells. Fat cells that are cooled significantly below body temperature, but above freezing, are destroyed. Zeltiq® utilizes a vacuum device applied to the skin surface, and the temperature of the tissue beneath it is lowered via thermal conduction for several hours. There is a reduction in the fatty tissue layer over several months as the body’s processes clear away the destroyed fat. Limitations of this technology include the prolonged treatment time, the lack of specificity in the treatment application, and the inability to provide specific sculpting and contouring to different body areas. Patients can also experience prolonged numbness or hypersensitivity, due to the effects of the cold temperatures on the nerves of the skin.

But now there is Liposonix®, a unique and effective breakthrough in treating localized fat deposits without surgery. Liposonix® uses a high-intensity focused ultrasound wave (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells at a specified depth below the skin. The other techniques lack this same specificity of fat cell destruction. The method by which Liposonix® delivers this focused ultrasonic energy is very efficient and allows direct treatment of specific body areas, and treatment times of about one hour. On average, Liposonix® patients lose one inch off their waistline, an equivalent to dropping one pants size or one dress size.

Liposonix Before & After Photos

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