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Just Breathe: Don’t Waste Your Time With Waist Training

Body Contouring Milwaukee, WILet’s face it: we are all suckers for marketing strategies— especially good ones— even if they seem so far-fetched. A blender that can make salsa in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1? Gotta have it! A blanket that’s also pajamas? Put it on my birthday list. And, a corset that can make you instantly have a thinner waist? Say goodbye to your gym pass! Even though there are some marketing strategies that are worth buying into, there are others— like waist trainers— that can be the biggest waste of your time.

How Do They Work?

The idea behind waist trainers is that individuals are supposed to wear them for weeks or months at a time. Composed of thick fabric and some boning, the hope is that when you take the waist trainer off, you will reveal a slimmer, more hourglass shaped figure.

You’ll Feel Out of Breath

Divulging everything wrong with a product is a marketer’s worst nightmare, which is why these waist training companies won’t do it. What they aren’t telling you is that much like corsets that were worn over 100 years ago, waist trainers can restrict your breathing, oxygen flow, and place a strain on your lymphatic system.

They Can Damage Your Vital Organs

When you squeeze your body into a waist trainer, your organs have to adapt to less room which means that they are going to be pushed into unnatural positions which will prevent them from functioning properly. Your organs need as much room and oxygen flow as they can get and a waist trainer prevents them from getting that.

They Don’t Work

Diet, exercise, and body contouring procedures like liposuction are what work. Waist trainers are what don’t. If you look at something and it requires no work, little effort, but gives you great results— it’s likely a hoax. Remember that all things in life require hard work and sacrifice.

In a perfect world, we could put on a shirt and be slimmer, but unfortunately, our bodies require a bit more work than that. If you want to lose weight without the schemes, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Dembny today at (414) 443-0033.

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