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Patient # *14493

Rhinoplasty Patient # 1




19 yo woman who was unhappy with the dorsal hump on her nose. She suffers from allergies and frequently has airway obstruction and difficulty breathing through her nose. Examination demonstrated a moderate dorsal hump, a widened tip, and leftward septal deviation at the level of the internal nasal valve. Three month post-operative photographs show results of an open rhinoplasty with dorsal hump reduction, submucosal septal resection, placement of spreader grafts, cephalic resection of the lower lateral cartilages, a small resection of the caudal septum, placement of transdomal and interdomal sutures, use of lateral crural mattress sutures, and lateral osteotomies. Post-operative breathing is improved. There is still some swelling in the tip, which will become more refined over the next several months.

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