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Patient # *87044

Abdominoplasty Patient # 5




This woman was 45 years old, 5’ 4” tall, and weighed 184 pounds prior to surgery. She disliked the loose skin and fullness of her lower abdomen resulting from previous pregnancies. Examination demonstrated excess abdominal skin and fat, and a rectus diastasis of 5cm. An extended abdominoplasty with umbilical transposition was performed; plication of the rectus muscle diastasis was performed above and below the umbilicus. Adjunctive liposuction of the flank and upper hip was performed; 350cc of fat was aspirated from each side. Six weeks after the procedure, this patient weighed 168 pounds. Post-operative photographs show her results three months after surgery. The abdominal scars are normally pink and mildly indurated, but this color and swelling will subside over the next several months.

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