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How to Recover From an Arm Lift

Brachioplasty Milwaukee, WIYour crush, your kids, and even the mailman are some of the things that you want to wave back to you, but there are other things— like your arm fat— that you don’t. If your self-esteem is sinking because of the excess skin and fat you have on your upper arms, you may be a good candidate for a procedure called a brachioplasty, or an arm lift, from Dr. Kenneth Dembny.

During this surgical procedure, Dr. Kenneth Dembny will reduce pockets of localized fat, tighten and smooth the tissues that define the shape of the upper arm, and reduce any sagging skin. Just like with any procedure that we offer at our office, recovery from an arm lift is one of the most essential parts. As such, we like all of our patients at Dr. Kenneth Dembny’s office to know exactly what to do during recovery— that way, you go home feeling informed. If you are considering undergoing an arm lift, this article will help your recovery go smoother.

Wash the Surgical Site

Washing your surgical site is one of the best ways to prevent against getting any sort of infection at the wound site. When washing it, make sure to follow the detailed instruction list that we send you home with.

Wear Your compression Garment

In most instances, we will send you home with your arms wrapped in compression garments which will help ease swelling. Make sure to wear these garments as recommended.

Care for Drains

In some instances, a small thin tube will be placed in the surgical site to help drain excess fluid. If we send you home with surgical drains attached to your arm, make sure that you follow the detailed instruction guide on how to both clean and change the drain— that way you avoid getting an infection.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Because your arms will still be healing for a few weeks, try to avoid any sort of any strenuous activities or heavy lifting which may result in your sutures coming open or an infection.

Although we will send you home with a detailed recovery packet, having an extra reference is always helpful. If you are interested in learning more about brachioplasty surgery, schedule your consultation at our office today (414) 443-0033.

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